Course Objectives: This is the second of a two-course sequence that introduces students to models commonly used in the analysis of complex decision-making problems. Students successfully completing this course are expected to be able to use different mathematical modeling techniques utilizing Operations Research  (OR ) methodology, to learn various methods that are used for quantitative decision making, and to find optimal solutions to problems.

Course Description

Operations Research II is the study of scientific approaches to decision-making. OR II is tailored to provide an introduction to formulate and solve Integer programming problem variants  and solution methods. Goal Programming, Dynamic Programming and Models for decision making under uncertainty will introduced in the OR II.  Markov chain models of simple real life situations will be developed and and insights on real life stochastic phenomena will be gained. Finally some special queuing systems will be analysed. In this class, you will learn very powerful modeling and solution techniques for decision-making problems that are used today by many successful companies to help them save/earn millions of dollars.