FPGA based digital electronics with Altera Quartus program.

To provide students with the ability to produce circuit boards in their projects.

Materials and Elements of Electronics for 3rd great students

Atmel based microcontroollers programming with arduino and C language.

The objective of this course is to teach students design and interfacing of microprocessors-based embedded systems. High-level languages are used to interface the microprocessors to various applications. There are extensive hands-on labs/projects. Embedded system for automation control applications will be introduced. Students should be developed independently and learn much of the material on their own.

The course will be targeted at undergraduate students on their early stage of education. The major goals and objectives are to provide second year undergraduate students with knowledge and understanding of Nano electronics as an important interdisciplinary subject. Through the examples, exercises, and educational Java applets the course will cover electromagnetic waves and quantum mechanics including the quantum-mechanical origin of the electrical and optical properties of materials and nanostructures, chemically-directed assembly of nanostructures, biomolecules, traditional and nontraditional methods of nanolithography, interactions between electronic and optical properties, as well as the forefront topics such as organic heterostructures, nanotubes, and quantum computing.

This course covers different kinds of sensors, different kind of motors. Also we will learn how to program Arduino and learn control the motors. Also using Arduino we will make different kind of measurements like temperature, light intensity etc.

4th Course State Exam for Senior students.